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Pastor Braulia Hernández

Short description

95-year-old Pastor Braulia Hernández is a widow who still dedicates herself to serving God by caring for some people in her community. Her financial support will enable her to sustain a dignified life with everything she needs and lack nothing.

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Detailed description

Location: Guatemala

Name: Braulia Hernández

Date of Birth: 22/05/1927

Age: 95 years

Marital Status: Widow

Health Condition: She has difficulty hearing and has a fractured arm. Walking is challenging for her.

Life History:

She and her husband began their pastoral ministry in Villa Nueva, preaching to a lady who accepted Christ. This lady offered a space in her home to hold services, and thus the Pentecostal Evangelical Church “Piedra Angular” was born in that place. Throughout their ministry, they went on to establish 15 churches called “Jesucristo nueva vida” (Jesus Christ New Life), which were eventually handed over to Pastors chosen by God. She is currently responsible for only two of these churches. After her husband, Pastor Lauro Rosales Corado, passed away, she was left in the care of some individuals.

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