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Pastor Guillermo Romero Espinoza

Short description

Guillermo Romero Espinoza, despite being a 75-year-old kidney patient with hypertension, continues to serve the Lord. He oversees three churches, primarily working with children. Due to his health condition and limited resources, he needs assistance to buy medicines for himself and his wife, as well as for their sustenance to improve their quality of life. Additionally, he relies on the support of charitable souls to maintain his temples and continue blessing the lives of many children. (See detailed description at the bottom.)

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Detailed description

Location: Guatemala

Date: July 15, 2022

Name: Guillermo Romero Espinoza

Age: 75

Date of Birth: 09/13/1948

Marital Status: Married

Health Condition: He is a kidney patient undergoing dialysis three times a week. He also suffers from hypertension but can only afford medication occasionally due to limited resources. He has difficulty walking and seeing.

Life Story:

He encountered the Lord at the Alpha and Omega Church, where his spiritual journey began. He was sent to work in Zone 6, shepherding gang members, but had to leave due to threats to his life. In San Pedro Ayampuc, he founded two churches focused on children, which he pastors. He was given a non-operational school on a mountain, where he gathers children and their mothers to share the Word. He has been gradually improving the place through his own efforts. He has another church in the center of San Pedro Ayampuc, built by missionaries. He has worked with up to 13,000 children, providing them with meals, as well as discipling them. The Korean Church has been assisting him in this project.

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