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Pastor Román López López

Short description

Pastor Román López is currently 82 years old and needs financial assistance to support himself and his wife. Additionally, he requires help to acquire medicines for his health and to lead a dignified life.

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Detailed description

Location: Guatemala

Date: July 15, 2022

Name: Román López López

 Age: 82

Date of Birth: January 27, 1941

Marital Status: Married

Health Status: Currently suffering from diabetes, hernia, ulcer, and irritable colon.

Life Story:

At the age of 15, he accepted the Lord in an Assemblies of God Church, later congregating at the Prince of Peace Church in Villa Canales because it was closer to his home. At 18, he entered the Bible Seminary, sent by Pastor José María Muñoz. Subsequently, for four years, he was entrusted to go to various places in Guatemala to establish churches. At 22, he got married and continued, along with his wife, the mission of starting churches. He pastored in different regions of the country until his health prevented him from doing so. He has been married for 57 years and has one child. Currently, they attend the church where he began his ministry and where he occasionally preaches.

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